Good Thymes in the Garden

May 18, 2018

Hi Everyone! My name is Kaia, I’m from Lower Moreland High School and I’m here working with Sister Ana in the garden for the next few weeks. This is my first blog post but I will be posting more throughout my time here to share some of my experiences and what’s going on in the garden! I’m here with four other students from LMHS, Drew, Taylor, Alex and Justin. This week, we had a lot of fun getting antiquated with all the animals, especially the goats. The baby goats love to jump, play and even snuggle with us. It seems we all have developed a special affection for little Archy. On Tuesday, the Great Chicken Escape occurred! After collecting eggs, the hens decided to make a run for it and quickly dispersed across the lawn. Luckily, we lured them all back in the coop with some food, and I’m sure they enjoyed their short-lived freedom. In the garden we planted strawberries, celery, onions, leeks, lettuce, and asparagus, lots of asparagus. An adorable baby fox also visited us in the garden on Thursday, be on the look out for the cute creature! Unfortunately, the weather has been quite rainy this week so we’ve been doing some inside work. Hopefully it clears up next week and we’ll be out in the garden more!